Following a successful three years, Baijiu Cocktail Week runs again this year, coinciding with Chinese New Year.

Baijiu Cocktail Week is a celebration of the most popular spirit baijiu, over four billion gallons of baijiu are drunk every year. A selection of bars are celebrating the drink that is so ingrained in Chinese culture known as China’s firewater. Looking forward to its fourth year, Baijiu Cocktail Week welcomes you to taste fire.



While the kind month of February is bringing us some tasty celebration days – like Pancake Day, a whole week of indulgence is just round the corner - Baijiu Cocktail Week.
— Evening Standard



Not yet a familiar spirit in London's bars, Baijiu is a distilled white spirit, which literally means ‘white alcohol’ and is 52% proof. It is brewed using ancient techniques with fermented grains. The spirit has a unique and aromatic nose and pallet. Baijiu has been regarded as a drink to mark celebrations and strengthen bonds for thousands of years. The spirit is hugely popular within the Chinese community and is now starting to make its mark on the UK market with it being sold in SeeWoo stores and Selfridges.

To appreciate the baijiu, it is necessary to consider the colour, aroma and taste – these three senses will determine the ‘type’. A good baijiu should be bright, shiny and clear with no suspended particles and it is best served at room temperature in small tasting cups. A celebratory toast takes place, ‘Yum Sing’ (Cantonese) or ‘Gan Bei’ (Mandarin) meaning ‘cheers’ before shooting or sipping baijiu. It is traditional to drink baijiu with food rather than on its own, though the latter is not uncommon.
— The Foodaholic