A selection of exciting baijiu cocktails will available to try throughout the week, perfect for adventurous cocktail lovers.

A selection of exciting baijiu cocktails will be available to try throughout the week, perfect for adventurous cocktail lovers looking for a new and unique experience. Baijiu has largely been unknown to Westerners, but all that is changing.

In our last campaign, longstanding partners participated such as Bo Drake,  Opium, Demon, Wise & Partners, The Hide, and Ping Pong Dim Sum (all nine sites), plus we welcomed on board Mr Foggs, Chinese Laundry Room, The Courtesan, Volatire & Chinese Cricket Club at the Crowne Plaza, The Hippodrome Casino , plus FU Baijiu in Liverpool believed to be the first UK-based dedicated baijiu bar.
Asian inspired cocktails were served at these bars and restaurants using leading premium baijiu, Moutai
If you are a bar or restaurant and would like to participate then please get in touch


Good Old Friend
(Chinese Laundry Room)

Glass:Double old fashioned
Ice: single block of ice
pine& oak infused Baijiu 50ml
Sweet vermouth 5ml
Pine liqueur 3 dashes
Method: Stir over ice
Serving: In the glass dome with hickory Smoke, pine needles & dark chocolate


Red Rooster
(Demon, Wise & Partners)

Moutai baijiu,
rye whisky,
sea salt and redcurrant syrup,
fresh lemon,
egg white,
red berries

Shaken and served up in a cocktail glass

The Rangoon
(Mr Foggs)

Kewichow Moutai
Visciolata Del Cardinale (Cherry Dessert Wine)
Blackberry Puree
Raspberry Jam
Fresh Lemon Juice
Home-made Lavender Syrup
Fresh Egg White


Ginger & Yuzu Sour
(Ping Pong) 

3 thin slices of ginger
40ml bourbon
10ml baijiu
10ml yuzu sake
10ml lemon juice
10ml yuzu juice
10ml egg white (optional)
served into a sphere of ice infused with balsamic vinegar
2 straws


Dream of the Red Chamber
(The Courtesan) 

The cocktail is inspired by China’s most epic love story set in the descent of The Qing dynasty and reflects the last days of the Courtesans.

The weighty imperial undertones are set by the Moutai 10ml
Intrigue of romantic cherry liqueurs 10ml
Hopeful orange conspiracies introduced by Blood Orange Tea 35ml and Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur 10ml
Fateful decadence permeates the libation through Alchermes 10ml


Nam Long baijiu cocktail.jpg

Strawberry Rice Cracker
(The Hide )

light rum,
sticky rice syrup,
jasmine tea,
fresh lemon

Shaken and served up in a cocktail glass



Baijiu Sling/Baijiu Spritz
(Volatire & Chinese Cricket Club)

Baijiu Sling
Tanqueray gin, cherry herring, Cointreau, Baijiu, Grenadine, Pineapple juice


Baijiu Spritz
Baijiu spirit, Kamm & Sons, elderflower, lemon, prosecco

The Chinese Orange Mystery
(FU Baijiu)

El Jimador reposo
Diplomatico reserva
Lime juice
Cinnamon syrup
Regans orange bitters
and garnished with orange crescents dashed with Peychaud bitters


Zest & Bubble
(Bo Drake)

Floc De Gascogne
Lemon Peel

Martini Glass with One Ice Cube