Monday 8th February marks Chinese New Year, a date celebrated across the globe. 2016 is the ‘Year of the Monkey’, a zodiac symbol characterising quick-witted, curious, innovative but also mischievous people, which leaves The Handbook wondering what lies ahead! In anticipation, we’ve rounded up our six favourite restaurants and bars in the capital to go and celebrate:

What: Chinese 'firewater' cocktails

Why: This year coinciding with Chinese New Year, Baijiu Cocktail Week celebrates the most popular spirit in the world - but you may not have heard of it. Baijiu is aromatic, white and 52% proof so it's no surprise it gets the nickname 'China's firewater'. Over four billion gallons are drunk each year and this week aims to promote it to the UK market with Shui Jing Fang baijiu-based cocktails being served up in bars all over the city including China Tang at The Dorchester, Chinatown's Opium and Soho's 68 & Boston, from Friday 4th February.